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With Awareness

Comes Choice

Horse Riding 

       My vision has always been to teach all facets of horse ownership, not just turning 

       up for a riding lesson with the horse already saddled up and ready to ride, then 

       have your lesson, jump off then drive away.... 

Kate & Magic a student of Nag Nanny riding in the arena

A cool dip in the water at the Nag Nanny School Holiday Camp. Solomon wanting to have a dip as well.

A group of students on a trail rider at Colleyville Camp.

I am passionate about people understanding horses and how they behave.   

Knowledge is imperative to becoming an effective “horse person”.

If you understand the “how’s and why’s” you can make informed choices.

Knowledge is power and when it comes to the horse world Knowledge keeps you (& your child) SAFE !!

Unfortunately, horse riding is considered a high-risk activity and my philosophy has always been to provide quality training for students, without compromising the welfare of my horses.

As insurance premiums continue to rise, horse feed continues to rise and at one stage we had no water, it made owning and operating a small riding business almost impossible !!  

So, with all of this in mind,

I have made the decision TO NO LONGER OFFER RIDING LESSONS, effective Jan 2020.

Commander & Saddleclub

This closes the Nag Nanny chapter at Hidden Mist, the end of an era, which of course saddens me, however, I choose to look at how incredibly lucky I have been to meet so many incredible people during this ten (10) year journey.

The journey is not over, as I will be ramping up the Equine Resolutions side of my business. Our full focus will be on running programs for individuals and groups.

For those of you who know me, you may be aware that I know only too well the impact that horses have had on my life, and in particular my own mental health.  

With such lived experience and my qualifications,

I will be forging ahead and look forward to

sharing this with you.

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